Gil Sik Lee, Ph. D.
Jungsoon Lee, Ph. D.

"If you help someone, that will make you happy, healthy."

The founder of IntelliChoice, Inc., Gil Sik Lee is currently a professor of the Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). He was on sabbatical at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC in 1991 while he was on faculty at Louisiana State University. One day he took a wrong exit on highway 295. There were many school age children on the street during school hour. Seeing all these children on the street instead of at school reminded him of his own struggle to escape poverty through education. He grew up in a poor neighborhood but was fortunate to be told that school and education were the way out. He told himself that these children needed that same motivation. After he returned home to Louisiana from sabbatical, his wife, Jungsoon Lee, (professor at Southern University and now at UTD) and he started a math tutoring program for underprivileged children in Baton Rouge in 1993. They opened the Math School of Baton Rouge, a non-profit organization geared at targeting inner city youth. It started out as a program to tutor students who were having difficulties in math and other subjects.

Executive Team

Dr. Gil Sik Lee
Founder and CEO
Bill Choung
Executive Director
Dr. Junghoon Choi
Chief Operating Officer
Abhay Sawant
Chief Technology Officer
Sul Lee
Chief Legal Officer
Dr. Hyun-Joo Nam
Chief Academic Advisor
Harry Kwon
Chief Financial Officer
Melanie McCollom
Community Outreach Coordinator

Branch Managers

Yoohyun Cheon
Skyline Branch
Indrajeet Chauhan
Eritrean Branch
David Murillo
MLK Branch
Theodore Im
Lewisville Branch
Eun Ho Cha
Denton Branch
Stephen Badger
Renner Branch
Dr. Jesus Avila Avendano
Carrollton Branch
David Sekel
Harrington Branch
Dr. Junghoon Choi
Ethiopian Branch
Jin Woong Kwak
NOC Branch
Jae Hyeok Heo
MPCC Branch
Vinson Nguyen
VCC Branch
Dr. Tae-Youl Choi
Colony Branch
Helen Small Canyon
Shonto Branch
Nam Jong Lee
Leupp Branch

Deputy Managers

Diane Estes
Ethiopian Branch
Daeho Jo
Ethiopian Branch
Avaneesh Misra
Ethiopian Branch
Andrew Choi
Colony Branch
Adil Muhammad
Harrington Branch

Presidents of Student Organizations

Sarah Ahmed
UTD Chapter
Linda Liu
Rice Univ. Chapter
Jihae Choi
Coppell HS Chapter
Rishi Pradeep
TAMS Chapter
Marcus Min
Townview TAG Chapter
Effie Guo / Zasca Ristianto
Hockaday School Chapter
Derek Qin
Jasper HS Chapter
Tina Komarov
Allen HS Chapter