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IntelliChoice seeks to encourage on-site students to pursue college education by providing scholarship programs which will be funded into the individual's 529 college fund and be used at the time of college entrance.

Applying for Scholarship

As an on-site student, you are eligible for applying for an IntelliChoice Scholarship. If you wish to get it, please log in to our website and apply here.

Celebrating Twenty Four Years Math Tutoring

'17 Scholarship Dinner Banquet

4:00 PM (Campus Tour), 6:00 PM (Dinner and Award Ceremony), Sunday, November 12, 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas, Student Union Building (SU 2.602)

800 West Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080

'17 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each student has received $500 scholarship and the money will be deposited in each student's 529 college fund account.
Hamere Abate9thNorth Garland High
Tseday Zekarias10thNorth Garland High
Yosef Argaw11thBerkner High
Rebecca Bekele11thLake View Centenial High
Helen Habtamu11thRichardson High
Surafel Metaferia11thHillcrest High
Betelhem Ayele11thILT Garland High
Wengele Yohannes11thILT Garland High
Feven Gizaw11thRockwall Heath High
Kaleb Amare11thJJ Pearce High
Yordanos Belay11thLloyd V. Berkner High
Feben Mosissa11thRichardson High
Neima Darmian11thJJ Pearce High
Yohanis Melaku11thHillcrest High
Abraham Teshome11thNorth Garland High
Meron Mengesha12thRichland Collegiate High
Benet Mohammed12thWylie High
Zemekeal Yosef12thBerkner High
Pheben Nigatu12thWylie High
Nathaniel Solomon12thPlano East Senior High
Nardos Kassa12thWylie High
Blain Kebede 12thRockwall Heath High
Socena Mike12thLloyd V. Berkner High
Xochilt Leon9thSouth Grand Prairie High
Kharyngton Armstrong7thUplift Luna Preparatory
Rocio Cepeda Garza12thJohn A. Dubiski Career High
Gustavo Leon5thBowie Elementary
Jose Zamora9thCristo Rey Dallas College Prep
Roderick Butler6thBarack Obama Male Leadership
Cristiana Galo12thRosa Parks High
Kennedy Govan 9thDenton High
Leena Siraj10thNorth Garland High
Nebel Hamza7thIQA
Akram Adane9thThe Colony High
Warda Rahman9thVines High
Edward Ibarra9thSchool of Science and Eng.
Rafael Rodriguez11thPegasus Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rodney Butler7thBarack Obama Male Leadership
Ivan Ortega10thSkyline High
Jony Ortiz9thSkyline High
Precious Dawson9thTownview High
Vivaca Dupress9thSchool of Health Professions
Melissa Reyes Ortiz7thYoung Women's STEAM Academy
Stephanie Flores7thVivian Field Middle
Rosalva Avelar7thTed Polk Middle
Briana Arias8thHarmony Science Academy
Marlene Uribe7thDan F. Long Middle
Bway Htee9thLake Highland High
Christina Reh9thLake Highland High
Kwoe Meh9thLake Highland High
Nge Meh9thLake Highland High
Man Lam11thNaaman Forest High
Isaiah Dockery8thFord Middle
Bethel Tesfai9thWilliams High
Samrah Kelifa9thWilliams High
Lulya Habteab9thClark High
Samson Abraham9thWilliams High

Celebrating Twenty Three Years Math Tutoring

'16 Scholarship Dinner Banquet

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Omni Hotel at Park West

1590 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234

'16 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each student has received $500 scholarship and the money will be deposited in each student's 529 college fund account.
Yordanos Belay10thBuckner High
Yen Lam12thNaaman Forest High
Rebecca Bekele10thRichardson High
Precious Dawson8thUplift Luna Secondary
Ivan Ortega9thSkyline High
Jony Ortiz8thNova Academy Middle
Rafael Rodriguez9thPegasus Charter
Kharyngtor Armstrong6thUplift Luna Secondary
Jose Zamora8thFred F. Florence Middle
Gustavo Leon4thJames Bowie Elementary
Xochilt Leon8thY.W.L.A at Arnold
Sonia Ihezie 9thRanchview High
Isaiah Dockery8thFord Middle
Kayleigh Edwards10thArmstrong High
April Pierdant10thWilliams High
Bethel Tesfai9thWilliams High
Samrah Kelifa9thWilliams High
Melanie Delgado11thPlano Senior High
Brian Meritt 6thBowman Middle
Qianna Johnson8thStrickland Middle
Megan Gibson 8thMcMath Middle
Emilio Galo12thRosa Parks School
Stephanie Flores6thVivian Field Middle
Briana Arios7thHarmony
Nayely Romero 7thArbor Creek Middle
Azizah Norova 7thClark Middle
Nebel Hamza6thIant Quraic
Leena Siraj9thNorth Garland High
Edwin Gallegos8thUplift Heights Middle
Victor Cruz6thUplift Heights Middle
Natnael Chane 7thRobert T Hill Middle
Kdist Melatu8thHarmony Science
Hamere Abate8thHarmony Science
Bemnet Bezuayehu8thInternational Leadership
Mahlet Gadissa8thMesquite Baptist Academy
Fekeremary Nahusenary8thHarmony Science
Biruk Babi8thHarmony Science
Edlawit Melaku8thHarmony Science
Betty Nega9thNorth Garland High
Yonnas Gadissa9thHorn High
Saron Fisseha9thNorth Garland High
Ruth Gaba9thRichardson High
Surafel Metaferia10thHillcrest High
Betelhem Ayele10thBerkner High
Wengele Yohannes10thIltexas High
Zemekael Yosef11thRichardson High
Meron Tessema11thHorn High
Yokabd Terefe11thRichland Colligate
Mekdes Abera11thBerkner High
Pheben Nigatu11thWylie High
Hasset Zekarias12thNorth Garland High
Mahlet Adugna12thWylie High
Hassiet Fana6thStory Elementary
Kevin Escorbar9thMcMillen High
Rudy Carcamo8thHeights Preparatory
Valencia Dupree10thTownview High

Celebrating Twenty Two Years Math Tutoring

'15 Scholarship (529 Fund) Award Ceremony 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Castle Hills County Club

699 Lady of the Lake Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75056

Scholarship (529 Fund) Award Recipients

Students who attended college in the fall of 2015 and their parents were invited for a dinner at the Castle Hills County Club on August 2, 2015. The scholarship deposited in the 529 College Fund was delivered to each student. Good Luck in College!!
Student Name College
Feven KahsayUniversity of Texas at Austin
Reynaldo OrtizUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Blanca AlvarezUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Johnnie JermanyPrairie View A&M University
Luis RodriquezUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Monay ThomasDallas County Community College

Celebrating Twenty Two Years Math Tutoring

'15 Scholarship Dinner Banquet

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Omni Hotel at Park West

1590 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234

'15 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each student has received $500 scholarship and the money will be deposited in each student's 529 college fund account.
Yordanos Belay9thInternational Leadership
Ariel Bellatin11thGarland High
Bemnet Bezuayehu7thInternational Leadership
Yonatan Dereje8thHarmony School
Yoram Gebremed7thWebb Middle
Saba Kahsay12thBerkner High
Flemon Melku9thGarland High
Eden Samuel9thInternational Leadership
Danny Yosief9thInternational Leadership
Tseday Zekarias8thInternational Leadership
Precious Dawson7thBishop Dunne
Valencia Dupree9thTownview High
Corina Hughes6thHill Middle
Ivan Ortega8thNova Academy Middle
Jony Ortiz7thNova Academy Middle
Stephanie Perez6thSt. Philips
Rafael Rodriguez9thPegasus Charter
Chris Torres8thJ. L. Long
Shayonna Funches5thFrankguzick Elementary
Marlene Ramirez12thSkyline High
Kharyngtor Armstrong5thBen Milam Elementary
Kelsey Baylock5thSt. Anthonyl Academy
Silvia Camacho10thPearl C. Anderson
Saraya Davis5thUmphrey Lee Elementary
Gustavo Leon3rdJames Bowie Elementary
Xochilt Leon7thY. W. L. A at Arnold
Fernando Zepeda8thAll Saints Catholic
Angel Belay10thWilliams High
Isaiah Dockery7thFord Middle
Kayleigh Edwards9thArmstrong High
Caleb Fana6thRoach Middle
Lesles Gonzalez6thBowman Middle
Zuber Kelifa10thWilliams High
Jazlyan Lewis8thRoach Middle
April Pierdant9thPlano East High
Bethel Tesfai8thBowman Middle
Jaria Wilson8thBowman Middle
Adrian Cortes8thCalhoun Middle
Kennedy Govan7thBetty Myers Middle
Qianna Johnson6thStrickland Middle
Kevin Martinez7thCalhoun Middle
Tabitha Sidandi8thCrownover Middle
Megan Gibson7thMcMath Middle
Nafisa Hossain10thGuyer High
Skylar Barlow12thBowie High
Malcolm Bell10thCreekview High
Cleo Blank12thNewman Smith High
Sydney Case12thBowie High
Azizah Norova6thClark Middle
Makenzie Crutcher10thNewman Smith High

Celebrating Twenty One Years Math Tutoring

'14 Scholarship Dinner Banquet

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Omni Hotel at Park West

1590 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234

'14 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each student has received $500 scholarship and the money will be deposited in each student's 529 college fund account.
Monay Thomas12thSkyline High
Johnnie Jermany12thSkyline High
Blanca Alvarez12thSkyline High
Precious Dawson6thSt. Philips Middle
Corina Hughes5thHexter Elementary
Ivan Ortega7thNova Academy Middle
Reynaldo Ortiz12thSkyline High
Luis Rodriquez12thSkyline High
Ana Trejo8thFred Florence Middle
Marlene Ramirez11thSkyline High
Emmanuel Nelson6thSt. Anthony Academy
Caleb Glaspie8thBarack Obama Male Leadership
Michael Ramirez9thSkyline High
Sylvia Camacho9thLincoln High
Saraya Davis4thH. W. Longfellow
Sela Lema7thInternational Leadership
Yonathan Getachew5thHickman Elementary
Feven Kahsay12thBerkner High
Saba Kahsay11thBerkner High
Ariel Bellatin10thGarland High
Hasset Zekarias10thNorth Garland High
Wengel Yohannes8thJackson Middle
Angel Belay9thWilliams High
Jazlyan Lewis7thRoach Middle
Skylar Bursey5thLeadership Prep Elementary
Zuber Kelifa9thWilliams High
Emmanuel Smart8thBowman Middle
Leslie Hernandez5thMeadows Elementary
Astrid Lopez5thMeadows Elementary
Isaiah Dockery6thCandler Middle
April Pierdant8thBowman Middle
Lulya Habteab6thShimelpfenig Middle
Kennedy Govan6thBetty Myers Middle
Qianna Johnson5thHodge Elementary
Tabitha Sidandi7thCrownover Middle
Emilio Galo11thRosa Parks High
Abraham Cortes9thDenton High
Daniel Areloegbe5thNelson Elementary
Alexis Laporte5thPecan Creek Elementary
Kevin Martinez6thCalhoun Middle

Celebrating Twenty Years Math Tutoring

'13 Scholarship Dinner and Golf Event

Sunday, October 26, 2013

Coyote Ridge Golf Club

1640 W Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton, TX 75010

'13 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each student has received $500 scholarship and the money will be deposited in each student's 529 college fund account.
Alex Ramirez6thAnn Richards Middle
Alexis Garcia6thAnn Richards Middle
Chris Torres6thJ. L. Long Middle
Tavevin Davenport5thEdna Rowe Elementary
Marlene Ramirez10thSkyline High
Naia Banks5thEdna Rowe Elementary
Colby Glaspie7thBarack Obama Male Leadership
Kymarra Lewis8thH. W. Longfellow Middle
Tyeshia Davia10thJames Madison High
Sylvia Camacho8thPearl C. Anderson Middle
Sela Lema6thInternational Leadership
Yonathan Getachew4thHickman Elementary
Feven Kahsay11thBerkner High
Delina Tewolde5thTerrace Leadership Elementary
Sherley Avados5thMeadows Elementary
Melanie Delgado8thHaggard Middle
Kayleigh Edwards5thBarron Elementary
Jocelynn Gutierrez7thBowman Middle
Kennedy Govan5thTomas Rivera Elementary
Qianna Johnson4thHodge Elementary